We specialize in Car Parks, from complete installation of large scale commercial & residential carparks to Housing complex's with just a few car park bays.

From Bollards, Convex mirrors, Reflective Signs we can complete your project to comply with industry safety standards.


We strive to provide the highest level of value to all our clients including using only the best quality line marking paints & fixtures, unbeatable customer service, same day quoting, exceptional value for money and our quality guarantee.

As Linemarking Industry Experts we can offer your next project: 



We offer all sizes and colours suited to your company needs. 

bike rack

Bike Racks

Let your customers or residents store their bikes in a sleek and safe design.

We also offer different styles and colours.

convex mirrors

Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors when strategically placed they help minimise collisions and assist pedestrians with an additional view point when crossing through the area.

corner guards

Corner Guards

Designed to protect exposed corners from traffic. The Flexible rubber will absorb most of the initial impact of a vehicle keeping your corners cleaner for longer.

wheel stop

Wheel Stops

We offer different types of wheel-stops depending on your company needs.

stair noisings

Stair Noisings

Stair nosing not only protects the stair edge from damage from high traffic they also offer hi-visibility and slip resistance for pedestrian safety.

floor tactiles

Floor Tactiles

Tactile ground surface indicators are installed to assist pedestrians who are visually impaired.

speed bumps

Speed Bumps

We supply both normal and aggressive speeds humps designed to further slow speed of vehicles travelling at 30km/h or less.  Can we tailored for any size.